Dermaplaning with Oxygen Infusion and Gua Sha Esthetic Training


Learn Advanced Techniques, February 5th or Sign up for March 18th, 2024

Class times: 8 AM – 5 PM CST. Ideal skin treatment layering class for immediate skin results. Enroll Now!

Bring performance-driven, result-oriented treatments to your spa business.

February 5th, 2024 and March 18th, 2024 · 3100 Cleary Ave., Metairie, LA 70002

Certificate Upon Completion

For more information or to speak with the class instructor, Kristen Ruel please call/text (504) 239.1133.

You may also confirm your class seat with Kristen for Lafayette, LA by text.

Dermaplaning with Oxygen Infusion and Gua Sha Esthetic Course

Dermaplaning with oxygen infusion and gua sha is the perfect advanced treatment for any menu of services. Kristen Ruel conducts a 6 hour class for enrolled students and licensed professionals to learn the art of skin treatment layering.

Learn the proper technique using the dermaplaning tool. As well as the proper way to hold the skin and to apply our nourishing oil to improve the skin’s integrity.

Oxygen infusion skincare is added to enhance the skin’s cellular respiration, it repairs and corrects skin imperfections. Learn the technique and protocol when using oxygen infusion. It adds an immediate skin correction after the first treatment.

Gua Sha is an ancient technique to create microcirculation for lymph and blood. It is the perfect combination with oxygen infusion. As it enhances lymph circulation it provides better fuel (oxygen, water, and essentials antioxidants, food) to increase cellular metabolism. As it improves cellular health it also assist the skin with healthy elimination (CO2, waste fluids like nicotine).

Training in all three of these techniques provides licensed professionals advanced knowledge when treatign a variety of skin types and conditions.

Training Includes:

  • Consent forms are provided and reviewed during the lecture.
  • History of dermaplaning and what it does.
  • Review and explain the different skin conditions and layers of the skin as it pertains to the depth of dermaplaning.
  • Protocols when treating different skin conditions.
  • First hands-on, students will perform with a guarded blade to perfect their dermaplaning technique.
  • Instructor(s) will review each student’s technique before transitioning to a non-guarded medical blade for the application.
  • Instructor(s) will review and demonstrate the Skin for Life oxygen infusion treatment and Gua Sha massage movements.
  • Students will pair up and perform with learned dermaplaning techniques along with an oxygen infusion application.
  • Optional: additional supplies (Nourishing Oil, 10R Blades, 10 Blades, 14 Blades, Blade Remover, and #3 Dermaplaning Handle) $60.00. For additional supplies contact Kristen Ruel directly prior to class.


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