Dermaplaning + Oxygen Infusion Class

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Models are provided.
Dermaplaning and Oxygen Infusion certificates will be issued upon completion.

TBD, Future Dates Are Coming · 3100 Cleary Avenue 7 Metairie, LA 70002

6 Hour Course | 9:30 AM CST – 3:30 PM CST

Dermaplaning + Oxygen

Dermaplaning is unique and very popular with licensed skincare professionals. Kristen and Julie provide detailed instructional training.

The popularity of dermaplaning has grown within spas. Clients like the idea of removing vellus hair and dead skin cells to reveal a bright, beautiful, and even skin complexion.

Dermaplaning, originally performed as an alternative to chemical exfoliation. This mechanical exfoliation prepares the skin for resurfacing treatments and deeper chemical peels. Therefore, is great for combining with other modalities to improve the look and the performance of the skin.

Learning the right technique is essential. Kristen and Julie make sure each student is individually evaluated. Leave with the confidence to promote their dermaplaning and oxygen infusion services for their business.

It is important for students and licensed professionals to be proficient when performing dermaplaning and oxygen services. A complete understanding is how students succeed in their career choice. Following the class, Kristen and Julie are there for long-term support. Whenever a prior student has a question, Kristen and Julie are there to listen and help.

Once enrolled what to expect…

The following information is discussed, demonstrated, and hands-on practical participation is required:

  • Consent forms are provided and reviewed during the lecture.
  • History of dermaplaning and what it does.
  • Review and explain the different skin conditions and layers of the skin as it pertains to the depth of dermaplaning.
  • Protocols when treating different skin conditions.
  • First hands-on, students will perform with a guarded blade to perfect their dermaplaning technique.
  • Instructor(s) will review each student’s technique before transitioning to a non-guarded medical blade for the application.
  • Instructor(s) will review and demonstrate the Skin for Life oxygen infusion treatment.
  • Students will pair up and perform with learned dermaplaning techniques along with an oxygen infusion application.
  • Optional: additional supplies (Nourishing Oil, 10R Blades, 10 Blades, 14 Blades, Blade Remover, and #3 Dermaplaning Handle) $60.00. For additional supplies contact Kristen Ruel directly prior to class.

2 reviews for Dermaplaning + Oxygen Infusion Class

  1. Gia DiLeo

    I have been an esthetician since 2011. Kristen Ruel’s name has always been synonymous with expert advanced skincare training in the GNO area. She is knowledgeable & personable. She makes class informative & enjoyable. She offers continued support. I will be back for more advanced training courses with Kristen! ~ Gia DiLeo

  2. Ale Hardy

    I love it! Kristen was very thorough. Models were provided. Can’t wait to take her Microdermabrasion class next. ~ Ale Hardy

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