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Skin for Life is a division of Lifeline Medical, Inc. Founded by Tushar Shah, the president, and owner of Lifeline Medical, Inc. Tushar created Skin for Life in 2002 and began to distribute various microdermabrasion, spa equipment machines.

He was concerned with the quality and reliability of machines and decided to do something about it. Tushar hired his own research and development department. The department began designing and manufacturing machines for testing. It was a huge success. Skin for Life became one of the first manufacturing companies for esthetic equipment in the United States.

In 2003, the first Nue Skin 500 microdermabrasion machine was introduced into the esthetic community. The purpose of manufacturing equipment was to make quality, affordable, and reliable machines that would last a lifetime. Our machines are still performing in spas to this very day. The quality of our machines is maintenance and trouble-free. Easy to use with little effort.

We are proud to be considered #1 in customer service experience. Furthermore, our dedication to customer service has kept us in business. When anyone calls Skin for Life they never have to go through an automated phone system.

We introduced Skin for Life pure science immunity skincare in 2006. The idea behind creating an immunity skincare line was to support the skin’s health while treating the skin with performance equipment. It is an extension of providing healthy, clean, validated ingredients to the esthetic community. Furthermore, we trademarked specific immunity ingredients as LSS™ delivery, which is Life Sustaining System.

Once we incorporated our trademarked ingredients and probiotic-driven ingredients into our formula it was evident the skin could repair and recover faster after a progressive treatment.

Skin for Life Product Philosophy

Firstly, our packaging is simple with a clinical approach. We accept only ingredients that are of superior quality.

Secondly, We are product-driven, not marketing-driven. In order to bring the very best in product quality, we invest in research for the highest level of efficacy. Finally, our promise is in our pure science skincare.

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