Gua Sha and Nano Infusion Class Online or Onsite Course

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The Nanopen is a unique way of delivering powerful ingredients for positive skin change. Gua Sha assists the skin’s natural ability to remove waste fluids and rebalance the body’s Qi.

Students will need to purchase the kit separately 2-weeks before the class starts. Contact Kristen for list of items.

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TBD, Future Dates Are Coming · 3100 Cleary Ave, Metairie, LA 70002

4.5 Hour Online Course | 10 AM CST – 2:30 PM CST

Gua Sha and Nano Infusion Class Online or Onsite

KAT Medical, LLC, and Skin for Life are providing class innovation by teaching Gua Sha and Nano Infusion online or onsite. Yes, it is a great benefit to any licensed skin care professional that wants to enhance their career training.

Gua Sha promotes facial shaping and sculpting, using aventurine stones. Designed to cup the face and improve lymph movement. Lymph encourages healthy cell responses. Eliminates waste fluid that may accumulate within cell tissue. Because it moves lymph it also sculpts the face. Clients will see a lift in their facial features along with a smooth, tone, and bright, glowing complexion.

Students will learn proper techniques as well as advanced customized facial techniques. This is a very popular class, everyone loves Gua Sha! So how do students learn both Gua Sha and Nano Infusion Pen?

Upon completion of the class, certificates are given.

The following information is discussed, demonstrated, and hands-on practical participation is required:

  • 30 minutes of paperwork
  • Lecture & PowerPoint, introduction to the class.
  • History of Gua Sha and Traditional Medicine.
  • Understanding the various Gua Sha stones, and why we use a particular stone.
  • Models are required, and time frames will be given to you.
  • Instructor(s) will perform a demonstration, and answer questions to clarify each movement. You will need to use a computer or a cell phone with a tripod so that we can see you performing the services.
  • “Required” unless the instructor is notified prior to the class about certain health conditions.
  • Recommended pre-post skincare products are discussed for long-term skin change. Skin for Life pure science skincare, and additional treatments like oxygen infusion, LED Light Therapy, cosmetic acid peels, and so on…
  • Nano infusion hands-on and PowerPoint as well

Firstly, we need to discuss the amazing benefits of Nanopen. Nano Infusion is designed for the transdermal delivery of specific skincare products. It makes tiny microchannels within the stratum corneum. These gap junctions provide the gateway to transdermal delivery. The communication between the nano pen and skincare heightens cellular responses.

Kristen Ruel designs her class where the student obtains complete knowledge, and hands-on experience, and has an opportunity to ask questions throughout the training. In addition, students will need to purchase training kit separately. Kit needs to be purchased 2-weeks before class.

The Nanopen is an additional purchase from Skin for Life. It comes with two nanochip cartridges, so it is recommended to purchase additional nanochips for additional practice and performing client services.

1 review for Gua Sha and Nano Infusion Class Online or Onsite Course

  1. Trish Bijeaux

    I took the class with Kristen Ruel on Nov. 1st and I’m so glad I did. I had been watching videos on YouTube before I took the class and I can tell you one thing, it is not what you learn in class. You learn a lot of different techniques for doing Gua Sha. I was amazed at the results I had on my model with doing Nano and Gua Sha. Definitely worth taking the class. ~ Trish

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