Dermaplaning and Cosmetic Professional Peel System


Advanced Esthetic Course.

TBD for next scheduled class.

Perfect class for enrolled students and licensed professionals. Great way to start 2024, with a new technique.

TBD · 3100 Cleary Avenue 7 Metairie, LA 70002

6 Hour Course 9:30 AM CST – 3:30 PM CST

Dermaplaning and Cosmetic Professional Peel System

Dermaplaning may be used in combination with the skin layering technique which is with our Skin for Life Cosmetic Professional Peel System. This class is taught by  evolving into more performance skin treatments. It is possible to layer dermaplaning with certain cosmetic acid peels. Our classes are very hands-on, so stdents and professionals may become confident when evaluating and treatment variosu skin types and conditions.

Once enrolled what to expect…

The following information is discussed, demonstrated, and hands-on practical participation is required:

  • Consent forms are provided and reviewed during the lecture.
  • Lecture and Powerpoint.
  • Instructor(s) will review and demonstrate the Dermaplaning and Cosmetic Acid Skin Treatment.
  • Review ingredients of each specific product used.
  • Protocols are a reference during class.
  • Attendees will pair up and perform a Dermaplaning and Professional Peel Skin Treatment.
  • Furthermore, all attendees will receive a certificate of completion from KAT Medical, LLC and Lumenis.

Energy is important when learning. We provide small snacks (cheese, fruit, water, protein drinks, chips, cookies | All Day Treats). However, students may bring in a sandwich for a small lunch during class.

Contact Kristen Ruel or  Julie Cloutier for more information. Seats are limited, so schedule today! Additional class schedule view now!

For additional information regarding purchasing a Geneo System contact Lisa Ruel, (985) 373-3322 or email


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