Gua Sha and NanoPen Infusion

Nanopen, YAY! Louisiana loves the NANOpen!

The journey of Kristen Ruel…

It was my intention to obtain the blessing from Louisiana
State Board of Cosmetology.
It was a beautiful day in Louisiana
and the time was right. I arrived at the state board in hopes of obtaining their approval for the NANOpen.

When requesting a meeting, all members of the Louisiana State Board are present. State Boards are generally concerned with the operation and performance of procedures whether medical or cosmetic.

Kristen Ruel is a leader in the esthetic industry. I felt it was my duty to bring this technology to the board’s attention. I agree that some technologies should stay in the hands of the medical industry. However, the term NanoPen is misrepresented. This is due to the term nano-needling. However, the cartridge is not a needle at all.

The nano cartridge is a pyramid-shaped cone that is non-invasive. Furthermore, depending on the depth range of the cartridge the nanochip creates micro-channels that are approximately .12 – .14mm deep. Allowing active ingredients for transdermal penetration.

I wanted to make the Lousiana State Board aware of this device. Bring substantial facts to reassure the state board’s view on the Nanopen. In order to do this, I offered to perform the Nanopen service on the hand of the state board member, Mella Brown.

Member Mella Brown stated, “It does not hurt at all.” “The vibration is more like a massage.” It was determined the word needle was not a correct description of the Nanopen. The board agreed with Skin for Life’s description of the Nanopen infusion.

It was determined that Skin for Life would use the term Nano Infusion when marketing to the Louisiana professional esthetic industry.

It was a BOLD WIN for our industry of professionals!

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