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Pro Radiance Peel

Active brighteners + LSS™ delivery

Pro-Radiance Peel active brighteners + LSS™ delivery is a combination of lactic acid, kojic acid, bearberry extract, and licorice root extract. A perfect all-in-one performance driven cosmetic acid peel, for all skin types, colors, and conditions.

Lactic acid has natural brightening properties. Therefore, it is the perfect solution for melasma, hyper-pigmentation, and other sun-related skin discolorations.

Kojic acid has anti-inflammatory and brightening properties. Additionally, this powerful ingredient controls hormonal pigmentation concerns. Due to our progressive formulation, skincare professionals may schedule clients once a week for skin correction. Importantly, clients may rapidly reach their skin goals for an even youthful complexion.

Clearly, the use of antioxidants like Bearberry and Licorice extracts additionally benefit the skin due to their anti-inflammatory properties which protect the skin against sensitivities.

Pro-Radiance Peel active brighteners + LSS™ delivery is a leave-on cosmetic acid peel. The safe pH 2.0 effectively removes dead skin cells without irritation or sensitivity. Therefore, an ideal peel even for the most sensitive skins.

To combat hard to treat pigmentation use Pro-Radiance Peel before an Oxygen Infusion Facial Treatment. Add this powerful combination treatment to most skincare treatments and machine modalities.

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